MICRO CONNECTOR™ is a highly concentrated liquid foliar fertilizer that supplements a complete fertilization program. It is a product that contains activated micronutrients, fulvic acid, and other additives.


Fruit & Vegetable Use

  • Fruit bearing trees (apple, pecan, walnut, citrus): Apply ½ gal per acre or 1 gal/100 gals of water at bloom, repeating at fruit set, small fruit stage and during fruit development.
  • Cereals (wheat, barley, oats, rice): Apply 1-2 qts/ac at heading. Repeat applications as needed through milky grain stage.
  • Potato: Apply 2-3 qts/ac when plants reach a height of 12 in. Repeat every 21 days, 2 or 3 times or as needed.
  • Tomato, pepper, and vegetables: Apply 2-3 qts./ac 15 days after transplant. Repeat every 21 days as needed until fruit maturity.
  • Commercial Sod, Ornamentals and Lawns: Apply 1 gal/ac in sufficient water. Apply to Ornamental plants, every 1-2 months; apply to turf for stress recovery as needed.
  • Seedling and transplant production: For seedling and transplant production in seedbeds, greenhouses or nurseries, apply weekly 13-26 fl. oz. of Micro Connector™ for every 100 gallons of water, or mixed with foliar fertilizers in the same proportion.



Micro-Connector can be used with these crops and more:


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Directions for Use

Micro Connector™ can be used on any crop. It is designed for foliar application mixed with
enough water to obtain thorough foliar coverage, but can also be applied to the soil through
irrigation if desired. For fertilizer rates suitable to your geographical area or the maximum allowable
non-nutrient application rates per acre, consult a trained soil specialist/Certified Crop Advisor